Cheap removalists - don't go there!

Juliette Strickland

December 21, 2022

6 minutes

Cheap removalists - don't go there!

The risks associated with cheap removalists

Everybody knows that moving can be a long, complicated, and expensive process. But is it worth cutting cost by going with a cheaper movign compnay? With so many horror stories about cheap removalists, it’s worth thinking about if the reduced price is worth it in the long run.

How cheap removalists cut costs

When you compare the price of different cheap moving companies online, you may wonder how some can afford to make their services so much cheaper.

  • Generally, cheap removalists do not pay to train their staff properly.
  • In Australia, it is legal for companies who don’t have the necessary equipment or training programs in place to operate as a removalist company.

This means when you’re paying a cheap moving company to move your belongings, you’re not paying for the quality of service.

  • Most likely their staff have not received proper training. If they don’t have the proper equipment, they’re also not going to be able to transport your belongings safely.
  • This means you are more likely to experience damages to your goods.

Cheap removalists also generally won’t cover you for any damages to your goods while in transit.

  • If they don’t offer moving insurance, this is a good indicator that they are unlikely to compensate you for any breakages that occur.
  • This also saves them money and means they don’t have to put as much effort into ensuring they protect your belongings.

What can go wrong with cheap removalists

Moving your belongings with cheap removalists who don’t know what they’re doing is a risky choice. A cheap moving company may seem more affordable, but it might cost you more in the long run if they damage your belongings.

When you move with one of these cheap moving companies, the first risk you run is that they might not even show up.

Don't take our word for it, according to, many people have been complaining recently about cheap removalists.

“An elderly woman who moved from Adelaide to Broome reported that the discounted backloading company she paid for in full one month in advance never showed up. Several days after the scheduled delivery date she was forced to pay another company for the service.”

  • These removalists assure the clients they will turn up on a particular day to collect their goods, then never show.
  • Sometimes they arrive several days later with no excuse about why there were delays.
  • This is not only inconvenient, but in some cases you may have to pay extra rent on your home or delay flights and accommodation due to their late arrival.

A lot of these cheap removalists also operate as backloading companies. This means that rather than coming straight to your door to pick up your goods, the company will try to fill up the truck on the way back from somewhere else. They may fill up the truck before they arrive at your destination, or delay collecting your items until they know they can get a full load. This means that your move is not their priority.

Don’t select on price

You should never select a removalist company because they are the cheapest. While not all cheap removalists will be bad, it is better to make sure you are getting the highest quality service rather than a cheap move.

Make sure you get a full quote from the removalists company before you make a final decision.

  • You need to find out exactly what the price includes, what insurance cover they offer, and what guarantees they give you.
  • It is worth being cautious of cheap removalists as well as they may have hidden costs.
  • It might be cheap up front, but more expensive in the long run.
Is it worth saving money now, only to spend more later?

Select a moving company based on the services they offer you and the value they provide, not the price they are charging you

While cheap removalists may seem like a good option at the time, is it worth saving money now, only to spend more later? The delays and damages will most likely leave you more out of pocket than if you chose a more reputable company. With Walkers you can rest assured that we will cover your move from start to finish, and we will get your belongings safely to where they need to be.